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Direct Folders 3.73

You can quickly access your favorite folders and files

Direct Folders ensures fast and direct access to your preferred folders and recent documents. Jump out to any profoundly nested folder in a single click. This computer program will permit you to access most recent and preferred folders instantly from the File Open and File Save panels, and likewise from Explorer, WinZip and WinRAR applications. Direct Folders automatically resizes any file dialog, so you are able to come across a greater number of files. Find what you're searching more easily. It can mechanically resize as well file dialogs, alternate to the details perspective and adjust keyboard to center to the file list. It permits you to set a default folder for each program in the system for opening and saving documents.

Among the many valuable features of Direct Folders, you will find its power to automatically change the folder views of open dialogs to thumbnails, lists or details depending upon the application program of your choice. You will also be able to sort files to default. You can as well enable the interactive Info Panel that comes out across file dialogs and displays the full route to the chosen folder and the free space on the disks. Direct Folders enhances the file dialogs with two small buttons. The one that has a clock exposes a menu with the folders recently accessed through File Open, Browse For Folder, and File Save. This is highly valuable once you've saved a file in one program and prefer to open it in another application.
Direct Folders can be accessed in several ways. The easiest one is to double click on an empty area of the Desktop, the Explorer or the File Open/Save dialog boxes, and that will put forward a computer menu. Choice a folder from this menu and the file dialog directly jumps out to it. Whenever you set off this menu from the screen background or tray icon, it will be opened up in a Explorer window or on a different file handler. When the file dialog opens you are able to take the following Direct Folders actions:
Resize the file dialog box.
Lay out the files view mode and sort order.
Pass over to the last utilized folder or to any folder you had determined.
Roll to the last used file in this folder.

If you want a file dialogue to jump directly to the folder already opened in Explorer, use its ClickSwitch characteristic. It will simply change to the window you necessitate. A 2nd button will pull down a menu with your preferred folders. You will also be able to introduce separators and organize them in sub-menus. Choose any item from the menu, and the dialog box will instantly expose the folder you want. Direct Folders adds up the two buttons to the top windows, which allows you to bundle up and keep these windows on top.

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  • Quick & easy access to your favourite folders
  • 98/NT/2K/XP/Vista


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